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For over 25 years, Gregg Russell has taken great pride in the relationships that he has developed with his guests and fans. In keeping with this tradition, we at are dedicated to protecting your privacy and handling any information we obtain from you with care and respect. In order to extend and promote the "Internet Safety" ideals and atmosphere, the Gregg Russell web site adheres to the strictest policy of security and privacy.

Parents and children can surf, view content, listen to music and enjoy any features without any personal information being collected. The site has NO "push" technologies in use, nor do we collect cookies from your browser. We do not collect personal information from anyone other than:

The security and confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. We have implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures to protect guest information from unauthorized access and improper use.

The information we gather will not exceed a) a reliable email address; b) first and last name; and in the case of online purchases, c) a mailing address; d) payment information. This information is stored off-line and is not accessible to any other individual via the internet.

Email addresses and names will NOT be shared with any third party for any purpose, and we reserve use of Email addresses and names only for communications in response to direct contact from the individual. You will not receive spam (unsolicited commercial email) in any way from this site.

Fan Club & Bubble Gum Club

The only information we collect from kids under age 13 for Gregg's "Fan Club" or "Bubble Gum Club" during the registration process is first name, parent's e-mail address, and the child's birth date. At that time those registration pages disclose the full use of such information and the benefits the individual will derive from registering. We collect birth dates to validate the ages of our guests, including kids. We do not collect any other personally identifiable information from kids during our registration process.

Note that all sites that are directed to children under 13 are prohibited by law from conditioning a kid's participation in an online activity on the kid's providing more personal information than is reasonably necessary. We adhere to the same regulations and requirements as set forth by the TRUSTe organization.

Kids: Guard your Internet Safety


If you have any questions or concerns at all about this web site or any of Gregg's projects just to get in touch:
      Gregg Russell
      Box 3027,
      Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


GetNetWise is an online resource for families that delivers information and tools needed to guide children to a safe, enriching experience online. GetNetWise contains information parents need to safeguard children while providing access to an unprecedented wealth of global resources, information, and contacts available on the Internet.

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